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Fix It Now Meet And Greet

On Monday, October 17th, Mussab Ali and Kimberly Goycochea, two of this year’s Board of Education’s election candidates, met with residents of Marion Gardens in Jersey City.  The Fit It Now Meet and Greet gave residents and community leaders an opportunity to hear the plans and ideas of the candidates if elected to fill seats after this year’s election. Both, Mussab Ali and Kimberly Goycochea, stand on the grounds that students are the most important stakeholders when it comes to the education system and should have a voice when it comes to the Board of Education’s decisions.

The highlighted agenda for their Meet and Greet were safety, diversity, and productivity. Some  topics discussed were: student and citywide community safety in light of the resent death of a student that was killed by a jitney bus on his way home from school, and the shootings that have occurred around schools during school hours; the importance of parent involvement in schools as support to overwhelmed teachers; language barriers and the role it plays in the academic success and behavior of non-english speaking students and parents; and the importance of the student voice when it comes to their own education and academic environment.


By Afaf Muhammad


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