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by, Imam W. H. Muhammad
06/01/2020 Revised 06/26/2020

There was no call for Anarchy.
There was no call for Supremacy.
There was no call for  injustice.
There was no call for an inhumane retaliation.
There was no call for a criminal demonstration.
There was no call for a secret code or law throughout our nation.
But there was a call for justice for all!
An enforcement that holds all Americans under the same law.
Yes, there was a call for justice for all!

On Monday, June 1st 2020, in the noon hours, Jersey city citizens took to the Avenue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Drive in protest of the killing of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. JCNJ was Focus!

Protesters were focused as Unified  countrymen  of one Nation which have truly lost another civilian countryman to the senseless killing by those sworn to protect, and to enforce and to uphold the law.  They have justifiable reason to be outraged. They have justifiable reason to protest.  They had justifiable reason to demand legal actions against racism, white supremacy, and hate crimes. All of which have inherently removed the blinders of Justice in America for too many years, for too many generations. Consequently, today the African Americans’ cry of “No Justice, No Peace” to European Americans on America’s soil has become a recognizable cry among other people in other nations.

It is the beginning of the fulfillment of our ancestral prayer, a humane uprise, a demand for action in the global criminal justice system.

The recent orders for the removals of the Confederate flag, the removal of Confederate memorials, the removal of the names of Confederate soldiers and the removal of the names of other individuals who practiced and advocated the Confederacy, from the documentations and nameplates of our schools, universities, institutions, businesses, streets, and etceteras, are positive steps in the  eradication of the Confederate States within the United States. Americans know these patriotic actions will simultaneously enhance the unification of the United States of America.

Nevertheless, the cluxes of the matter for African Americans is “Human Rights.” It is the only untouched African American historical struggle as of date. This essentialized priority in our struggle in addition with our denied Justice conjured the sounds “Human Rights and Justice” in my June 19th 2020 sermon.

I would be remiss if I  failed to say that this blessed focus of mine was not due in part of the protesters. The men, women, and children who shown that it is time for the undeniable need to practice nationally and internationally the God-given human values which gave birth to our human rights.

Unlike the 1960s, the diversity of the 2020’s crowds demand legislations and reform that will bring an end to those old practices that not only terrorized its victims but those in positions to enforce the law and those in position to serve Justice.

The Torah command us, “Thou shall not kill/murder.” (Exodus 20:13 and Deuteronomy 5:17), the Quran confirms that Commandment, ” … if a person kills/murder a human being–unless it be for murder or for spreading corruption in the land–it would be as if he murdered the whole of humanity: and if any person saves the life of a human being it would be as if he saved the lives of all humanity … ” (Quran, 5:32)

The inhumane killing/murder of Mr George Floyd unequivocally outraged the African American people,  the Americans, and people of various Nations on God/Allah’s earth that all human lives matter!

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