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I Love Greenville Meet and Greet

By Afaf Muhammad

Another noteworthy event organized by Alison Robinson and Takeya Leggett of the conglomerated team, I Love Greenville Community Plan, that is ready to pull their focused community in the direction of progress and sustainability. The I Love Greenville Community Plan’s Meet & Greet was an event that brought community leaders, residents, organizations, and local small business leaders together under one roof to network and  briefly exchange ideas.  It was also an opportunity for residents to share their ideas, and gain information on how they can become involved in, and support, the improvements of their community.

If you were not able to attend the Meet & Greet and wish to share your ideas or are interested in gaining information on how you can join the Greenville Community plan team,  visit Greenville Community Plan on Facebook.




Geoff Allen President of Property Maintenance Guys, Angela Evans-Salaam Founder of Young Women With Purpose (left center), Alfa Demellash Co-Founder of Rising Tide Capital (right center), and Angela McKnight Founder of Angela CARES


Gillian Sarjeant-Allen speaks about the I love Greenville Community Plan and introduces Board members, Steering Committee, and community leader members to local residents




Michele Massey  speaks about the I Love Greenville Committee and  the upcoming Walk-About


Garden State Episcopal Community Development Corporation Jersey City Team


Angela McKnight, Dave Howard Founder of Club for the Uniquely Abled and members




Chimaobi Ibeh (left) and Tobias A. Fox (right) of Newark Science and Sustainability Inc., and Angela McKnight during the I Love Greenville Community Plan Meet & Greet


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