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It Is Time For Sincere Service and Worship

By Imam Waly H. Muhammad

April 16, 2020

Societal pep talk and little or no talk of societal repentance, with a false claim of victory over an adversary which has penetrated the National Security of the superpower Nations, globally  indiscriminately claimed the lives of many, restricted the social behaviors and practices of the classes, diversely affected the economy of Nations and announced clearly that it’s mission is months even years from end, is imprudent and  impious.

For the wise and pious have heard, seen, and discussed the undutifulnesses, the unpreparednesses, and the pleads, of the world Leaders due to its elusive appearances as a result of their reluctant quarantine of China for its new strain of Coronaviruses.

“No more business as usual,” and “We are in this together,” and “We cannot place the economy over the lies of human beings,” and “No one will be charged  for medical treatment related to the (Coronavirus) Covid 19,” and “Why is there a disparity in the percentage of death among the (African Americans),” are just a few sprinkled statements from the mouths of politicians. This global pandemic certainly brought about the realization and understanding that every human being is a child of Adam. It created a situation where in the the health coverage of the high-class, the public officials, and the layman prove to be inadequate. This unprecedented global pandemic seems to have momentarily humanized the politicians to the realization that there must be a living God. Still the sanctuary that our Masajid (sing. Masjid), Synagogues and churches provide to its members and visitors during hardships, calamity and the trials that is destining to touch us all are not being regarded as  “essential” places of daily frequency.

Once again, the houses of God are deemed as non-essentials.  So, occasionally a couple of politicians, casually pray for mercy and blessings at times of their public daily broadcast. However, is this not the attitude of many in which land the Covid-19 global pandemic began?

A land where the dress and activities of God’s servants and worshippers are impeded, along with modifications to houses of worship, by the rulers. The reality that they are ostracized and thrown into detention camps and subject to other inhumane treatment is still being deprioritize by global traders. Had it been any other people the flow of the green blood (trade) would have been cut off by the nations of the world to adjust the concerns of the red blood (human beings).

Pure scriptures and history tell us the ill-treatment of God’s servants and worshippers on God’s earth for an undetermined time demands God’s retribution. Unequivocally that is where we are today. It is a punishment, it is a warning, and it is a trial, like the days of the Pharaohs any dedicated student of scriptures would inform you.

No, I am not preaching Doomsday, I am preaching a reminder of Doomsday! I am doing so at a time when the foolishness and the businesses as usual of mankind is nearly at a halt. It is a time when politicians are finger pointing and making public statements that are immediately condemned by others as being untruthful, unconstitutional, and even unauthorized. This seems to be the order of the world over righteousness and intelligence.

My fellow Americans when we praise our heroes in the medical field, farming, the wholesale and retailing, manufacturing, shipping and delivering; and practice social distancing while racing for a cure for the covid-19 virus, let us remember that these men and women are of different ethnicities, races, and faiths. Then let us do right by them and their families. Let us do not forget to thank and glorify God Almighty for our existences. As the mightiest and wealthiest nation of the world why should we not Praise Him and ask His forgiveness throughout the day and night as demonstrators of sincere gratitude. It is truly time for sincere service and worship of the Lord, the God, the Ruler of mankind!


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