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Storm Jonas

Storm Jonas has arrived in Jersey City.  We finally have that winter wonderland all winter and snow lovers have been waiting for.  Although snow is something we may all enjoy in some form of recreation, however, with the snow reaching two (2) feet in some areas of the city, we need to be prepared for any possible power outages and use caution when using power heaters to stay warm.

The city has been preparing for winter weather such as this since August. The city asks residents not to shovel snow into the streets and remove any vehicles that may obstruct the plows from turning corners. Vehicles parked in crosswalk and on corners will be towed and non emergency vehicle need to be off the street by 2:30 pm today.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about the storm they should contact the Resident Response Center at (201) 547-4821. More information about Jersey City can be found at the website


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