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Podcast: Organizations in Our Community: The Importance of Parent Involvement in Public Schools (part 1)

As I researched the suspension statistics of Jersey City public schools, I came across the term school-to-prison pipeline. Many parents have heard of this term, many have not, and some may not understand what it is. I had only skimmed over this term before my research of suspensions, so I had many questions; and felt like there may be other parents that may share the same questions.

I was fortunate to come to meet with a phenomenal, well established organization that has pushed for results in public school issues and are willing to help other parents come to understand how important their participation is to help dismantle the school to prison pipeline.

The suspension of preschool students: “black children make up 18% of preschool enrollment, but 48% of preschool children receiving more than one out-of-school suspension…” (CRDC 2014)

“Disproportionately hight suspension/expulsion rates for students of color: Black students are suspended and expelled at a rate 3 times greater than white…” (CRDC 2014)

“…While black students make up 16% of student enrollment , they represent 27% of students referred to law enforcement and 31% of students subject to a school related arrest…Students with disabilities (served by IDEA) represent 25% of student arrested and referred to law 

Listen to part 1 of my interview discussion with the SEOC during one of their monthly meetings.  

Please note that this information is not intended to incite harsh questioning of any public or charter school staff; it is intended to introduce parents and caregivers, of public school students, to an organization that is already established in making valuable changes to our public schools. It is important for parents to establish a healthy positive relationship with the staff at their child’s school, and link up with organizations such as the SEOC and Individuals like Shavon Ford that are committed and dedicate their time to push for resolutions of issues that affect ALL children in public schools nationwide.

This is a list of the websites and topics I refer to during my discussion. Department of Education’s Civil Rights Data Collection (2014) (CRDC)—the 2015 version was not available at the time of podcast recording, however, they are still gathering data which will be more detailed than their previous reports—and the Civil Rights Data Collection, which shows public school specific information of disciplinary actions and funding. Both sources of public information show “disproportionately high” suspension and expulsion rates of black children. As I researched the suspensions in Jersey City Public Schools alone, starting with: Jersey City Public Schools Student Code of Conduct, (page 8 PreK:Suspensions and Expulsions New Jersey Department of Education: Preschool Implementation Guidelines 2010 New Jersey Title1 allocations list 2015 Title 1funding is explained on the U.S. Department of Education’s website Admin. Ariashalaara

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